The Comprehensive Guide to Vendor Risk Management

Looking for a practical and common-sense guide to managing third-party risk?

guide-to-vendor-risk-management-tnIf you are overwhelmed by the stress and strain of managing third-party risk, you are not alone. The fact is, risk management can be a thankless and ever-more-complex responsibility.

With more regulations, more globalization and a more distributed use of intellectual property, even the largest companies are rethinking the way they on-board and ensure the compliance of vendors or other third parties.

In the Comprehensive Guide to Vendor Risk Management: 5 Powerful Steps to Minimize Third-Party Risk, you'll learn: 

  • The rapidly accelerating business case for a comprehensive third-party risk management program
  • Challenges with vendor risk assessments today
  • 5 steps to creating a best-of-breed third-party risk management program
  • What to look for in a third-party risk management solution

Learn why even the largest companies are rethinking and optimizing their approach to assessing and remediating third-party risk.  Download the guide today.


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